Fat Binders Compared – XLS Medical And Proactol Plus

proactol plusProactol plus is a product which is used to reduce body weight. People go for different methods for bringing down their body weight, but often they fail to recognize which is the best one for them to use.

Proactol is surely one of the best weight reducing products. People usually go for different products for fighting against obesity such as appetite suppressing pills, carbohydrate blockers, metabolism enhancers etc. all these different products work in their own way and let us see how this Proactol pill works in reducing body weight does.

There is another important fat binder namely XLS medical along with this proactol pill. They are similar in their functioning, but they have differences too. Let us see what their similarities are and differences are.

Function of XLS Medical:

XLS medical is produced and marketed by Omega Pharma. This pill is one of the best fat binders in world. Its ingredients are proved to bring down body weight significantly. It helps to bring down the body weight more quickly and safely than simple dieting. Its working is quite simple. It binds the fat molecules that you eat and help you to eject them. They are not absorbed by our digestive system. It starts its action within just three days of taking it.

Ingredients of XLS Medical:

xls medicalEven though XLS Medical is regarded as one of the best medical pills for bringing down the body weight, the manufacturers haven’t disclosed a complete list of ingredients present in this pill. But four most important ingredients that help in fat binding are Vitamin A,litramine acetate, Vitamin E,Vitamin D3 and acetate.

All these are completely natural products. Litramine is a natural fiber product and it is derived from Opuntia. It reduces fat absorption in our intestine by about 27% and it has no harmful effects. Thus it has been proved to be completely safe for human consumption. The other three ingredients present in this pill are fat soluble Vitamins and they too play their own role in binding fat molecules together.

Vitamin D is produced by our body when we expose ourselves to sunlight. Vitamin E has anti oxidant properties and hence it helps to reduce the risk factors of cancer also.

Proactol Plus and its Advantages:

Proactol Plus is recently developed as a competitor to XLS medical. It is also a product of opuntia and its mode of working is also similar to that of XLS Medical. It also reduces fat absorption from body by about 27.4%. Effects of Proactol have also been proved clinically and hence it is regarded one of the best diet pill.

Why Proactol Plus Is Recommended Over XLS Medical?

  • Its fat blocking power (27.4%) is slightly greater than that of XLS Medical and other dietary pills.
  • It also reduces the appetite and hence reduces your cravings for junk food.
  • It contains completely natural ingredients.
  • A 6-months money back guarantee is provided with this product.

So when you compare both the above products, you will come to know that even if both of them have the same benefits, Proactol plus is recommended by the doctors over the XLS Medical for its various advantages.